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Greening your finances webinar

Wednesday 20th October 2021 - 11:00AM



Ahead of COP26 and as part of Ethical Consumer Week - join Energise Africa and a panel of experts to learn how your finances can help the fight against climate change

2021 is shaping up to be a critical year for climate action, now we are 6 months from the COP26 climate change summit where countries will come together to discuss actions to tackle climate change.
But it isn't just governments that hold the responsibility of climate action, every person has the chance to take action, with one of the most powerful weapons being their finances.

This event is part of Ethical Consumer Week 2021 and will bring together a panel of sustainable finance experts to discuss the growing popularity of green investing and talk about the options available to people to use their money to take action against climate change, whether you have £50 or £50,000 to invest.

We will discuss some quick and easy ways to check where your money is invested and the options available to us all to make money do good and build back better from the COVID crisis.

We will look at pensions, savings accounts, investments and, of course, the Innovative Finance ISA, looking at how they work and how investors can invest with the dual purpose of targeting a financial return and funding organisations that are doing good for people and the planet.

Rachel Mountain - Energise Africa and Ethex
Josh Gregory - Founder, Sugi
Julian Parrot - Partner, Ethical Futures
Francesca Spoerry, Founder, Value-Aligned Finance