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London Climate Action Week event 2020

Friday 20th November 2020 - 12:00AM

Zoom webinar


Beyond London: How UK investors are accelerating renewable energy access across sub-Saharan Africa.

In this webinar, we'll be exploring how everyday people across the UK are powering the solar energy revolution in sub-Saharan Africa. Investments from just £50 in bonds issued by solar energy companies in Africa are providing low-cost and accessible finance that these organisations need in order to provide and install pay-as-you-go solar systems for families and businesses across sub-Saharan Africa, whilst accelerating achievement of UN SDG 7 - universal renewable energy access for all and at least 9 of the other SDGs including SDG 13 - action on climate change. 

The problem
Currently, 60 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are living without access to grid electricity, which has a serious impact on their health, education and economic opportunities for development in rural areas. In the current pandemic, research has shown that access to clean, reliable and affordable energy is more vital than ever for African communities, not least in the provision of healthcare. 

However, a $5 billion per year investment gap still needs to be bridged to achieve SDG 7 and without solar businesses like Azuri Technologies and BBOXX being able to access low-cost working capital then solar energy access would still remain outside the financial reach of most families and small businesses.

The solution
Energise Africa is using finance and technology (Fintech) as a scalable solution to rapidly bridge the SDG 7 financing gap in Africa -  providing a win for people in Africa who can access affordable solar energy, a win for solar businesses who can access the working capital finance they need to grow and a win for people in the UK who can invest their money directly and transparently in organisations that are delivering an environmental and social impact, whilst also targeting financial returns of around 5%.


Chair: Lisa Ashford, CEO, Energise Africa
Snehar Shah, General Manager East Africa, Azuri Technologies
Christopher Baker-Brian, Co-Founder, BBOXX
Julian Parrot, Partner, Ethical Futures
Rebekah Shirley, Power for All