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London Climate Action Week event 2021

Thursday 1st July 2021 - 12:00AM



LCAW 2021 -The critical role of people-powered finance in COP26 climate negotiations

In the six years since the Paris Agreement, we haven’t seen these organisations stepping forward with a workable solution, so now is the time for us to look to more innovative approaches. We will showcase how people-powered finance can and will play a key role in accelerating the bridging of this gap.

This event will look at some of the organisations that are pioneering new approaches to rapidly scaling climate finance for emerging markets including ‘public-private partnerships’ and transformational Fintech organisations that are delivering new financial products that meet the needs of sustainable businesses and individual investors alike.

Speakers will look at ways these organisations are delivering new, successful ways of blending institutional money with that of individual investors. We’ll discuss how this approach can rapidly accelerate the flow of finance into critical renewable energy sectors and countries which have largely been ignored by traditional financial institutions. We will look at how ultimately these models can be rapidly scaled to deliver action that protects people and the planet.

Chair – Ian de Cruz, Global Director, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals

Lisa Ashford, CEO Energise Africa
Snehar Shah, Managing Director East Africa, Azuri Technologies
Iongwa Mashangao, CEO and Co-Founder, Altech
Stephanie Jones, Programme Manager, Good Energies Foundation
Steven Hunt, Energy and Innovation Advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office