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Aptech Africa Issue 2: 5% Bond

6 months to mature 5% interest

Aptech Africa Issue 2: 5% Bond



Hour to run

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invested 3.7 tonnes CO2 savings annually

The new solar PV system will allow the UN FAO office in Brazzaville to meet most of its needs from solar generation

households   Powering the UN FAO in Brazzaville

The money raised will enable Aptech Africa to deliver a solar PV system with battery backup for the UN FAO office in Brazzaville

Reliable, low carbon electricity for the FAO in Brazzaville, Congo

Aptech Africa are installing a solar power station with battery storage, integrated to grid and generator backup, to deliver reliable electricity to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) office in Brazzaville. The system is designed to meet 71% of electricity consumption from the new solar PV system.

This project will bring reliable, low carbon electricity to the UN FAO, replacing reliance on a diesel generator and an unreliable grid that sees power outages of 3-6 hours per week. This project is funded by the UN Development Program.

About Aptech Africa

  • Aptech Africa Ltd is a solar energy and water pump specialist, delivering systems from assessment and design, through supply and installation, to after sales support
  • Incorporated in 2012
  • Head Office in Kampala, Uganda
  • Aptech Africa have provided 9,900 people with access to electricity
  • 75,000 people with access to water pumped by Aptech's solar water pumps
  • Revenue for the year to 30th June 2022 was equivalent to GBP 3 million
  • CEO Ghirmay Abraham was in the top 10 of Africa's Business Heroes 2021
  • Key product information

    Issuer: Aptech Africa Ltd

    Issuing Country: Uganda

    Investment target: £52,000

    Minimum investment: £50

    Maximum investment: No maximum

    Maturity: 6 months

    Expected interest rate: 5% per annum

    Withholding tax rate: 15% (applicable to UK residents who do not invest within an IF ISA)

    Interest payment frequency: 6 months

    Capital repayment: 6 months

    Financial instrument: Secured interest bearing bond

    Security: Secured

    Key risks

    This is a bond issued by a single company (rather than a saving product) and therefore it is recommended that you are careful with the amount you invest.

    You must read the offer document (provided below) where a statement of risks is presented, particularly in section 5 – Risk Analysis Overview


    See what Aptech Africa do

    What the project investment will enable

    Money invested in this project will enable Aptech Africa to supply a hybrid solar PV system for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) office in Brazzaville.

    Aptech will install a 15 kWp solar PV system with a 34kWh battery that will serve as the primary source of energy for the FAO building. The system will be backed up with grid electricity, and if that fails, with a diesel generator. The generator will also charge the batteries when it operates, to minimise the amount of time that it needs to be used. This hybrid system is projected to be able to provide 71% of the electricity consumption from solar power. In addition it will provide reliable power as grid outages are frequent.

    Aptech Africa

    The company aims to raise £52,000 from this bond issue and will use the funds to deliver a solar hybrid power system for the UN FAO's office in Brazzaville, Congo.

    Aptech Africa Ltd is a solar energy and water pump specialist, delivering systems from assessment and design, through supply and installation, to after sales support. They work with UN Agencies, NGOs, commercial and individual clients. Aptech Africa are based in Uganda and are active in Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, and Niger.

    Social and environmental impact

    This project will build a hybrid solar PV system to supply reliable electricity to the FAO office in the Republic of Congo, whilst also reducing carbon emissions. It allows the UN FAO to achieve it's development goals whilst demonstrating low carbon solutions.

    Social Impact

    Social Impact

    The UN FAO Republic of Congo provides development support interventions, including in the areas of sustainable agriculture, effective forest management, combating the effects of climate change and emergencies.

    Fight hunger

    Supporting FAO operations in the Republic of Congo


    The system will be used as a technology showcase to inspire local and regional adoption of solar systems

    3-6 hours per week

    regular grid outages that the system will protect against

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental Impact

    Going solar will reduce the FAO Republic of Congo's carbon footprint and burden on the environment

    71 %

    electricity consumption expected to come from solar

    3.7 tonnes

    CO2 emissions avoided every year

    15 kWp

    solar installation with battery back up

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