Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

Bisedge Ltd Issue 5: 7% Bond

36 months to mature 7% interest

Bisedge Ltd Issue 5: 7% Bond



Hour to run

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invested 620 tonnes CO2

emissions avoided in one year by providing 5 new, electric forklift trucks

households 20 new jobs Secured employment

Having ‘secured employment’ is incredibly important for workers in Nigeria, where 80% of the working population is employed in the ‘informal sector’.

Invest in decent jobs that reduce carbon emissions

Bisedge is a Nigerian company who are delivering significant carbon emission reductions by supplying electric forklift trucks and clean energy industrial logistics solutions to large, blue chip companies. Bisedge's industrial customers have 24/7 logistics operations, so replacing diesel with electric forklifts delivers substantial carbon emission reductions.

Each new forklift creates approximately 4 new jobs. Bisedge provide secured employment, with social security benefits, and this is incredibly important for workers in Nigeria, where 80% of the working population is employed in the ‘informal sector'. They target employing 30% women in these roles.

About Bisedge

  • Incorporated in 2016
  • Offices in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Green logistics company with a focus on sales, servicing, maintenance and leasing of electric forklifts
  • Exclusive partner of Linde Material Handling in Nigeria
  • Clients include Nigeria Breweries (a Heineken B.V subsidiary), Nigeria Bottling Company PLC (bottlers of Coca Cola) and International Breweries (an AB InBev subsidiary)
  • Bisedge is owned by Sunray Ventures 
  • Key product information

    Issuer: Bisedge Limited

    Issuing Country: Nigeria

    Investment target: £250,000

    Minimum investment: £50

    Maximum investment: No maximum

    Maturity: 36 months

    Expected interest rate: 7% per annum

    Withholding tax rate: 10% (applicable to UK residents who do not invest within an IF ISA)

    Interest payment frequency: 6 monthly

    Capital repayment: 6 monthly

    Financial instrument: Promissory note / interest bearing bond

    Security: Secured

    Key risks

    This is a bond issued by a single company (rather than a saving product) and therefore it is recommended that you are careful with the amount you invest.

    You must read the offer document (provided below) where a statement of risks is presented, particularly in section 5 – Risk Analysis Overview


    What the project investment will enable

    Investing in this offer will enable Bisedge to purchase 5 new electric forklifts, which will be supplied to industrial and logistics companies in Nigeria. £50k purchases a high-spec electric forklift, 3 batteries, for round-the-clock operations, charging equipment, and includes the freight and duties to import the forklift.

    By supporting large manufacturing, industrial and logistics companies to switch to new electric forklift trucks, this investment will reduce diesel use by 55,000 litres per truck per year, and each truck will reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 124 tonnes annually. When Bisedge investigated how much diesel their customer's old forklifts were using, they found that they used 5-7 litres an hour.

    Bisedge offer full service of material handling equipment to their customers for affordable monthly fees, on long-term contracts. This enables companies to modernise their fleets with electric forklifts and other clean energy logistics solutions without the high up-front costs which they might otherwise face. Bisedge's customers are large companies with 24/7 logistics operations, so the carbon savings from switching to electric forklifts are substantial.

    Bisedge have a particular focus on getting more women working in the male-dominated logistics sector in Nigeria. They provide training and actively promote gender equality in the industry, estimating that for each forklift lease, 4 jobs are created.


    The company aims to raise £250,000 from this bond issue and will use the funds to expand its portfolio of leased forklifts at blue-chip companies in Nigeria.

    Not only will your investment reduce carbon emissions by providing clean and efficient manual handling equipment, it will also provide good quality jobs. Bisedge have a target that women will make up at least 30% of their total forklift operators.

    Social and environmental impact

    Electric forklifts provide low carbon material handling solutions, helping to decarbonise logistics in industry. Bisedge’s electric forklift leasing, operations and maintenance service creates high quality jobs, with social security. Bisedge aim to train a 30% female workforce in this currently male dominated industry.

    Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Having ‘secured employment’ is incredibly important for workers in Nigeria, where 80% of the working population is employed in the ‘informal sector’.


    of forklift operators will be female


    secured jobs are created for each new forklift


    of Nigerian workers are in the ‘informal sector’

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental Impact

    Bisedge are providing low carbon manual handling services, in industries with 24/7 forklift operations. Because of this, the carbon emission reductions are substantial.


    Reduction in carbon emissions, replacing a diesel forklift with an electric forklift

    55,000 litres

    Annual avoided diesel fuel use for every diesel forklift replaced

    124 tonnes

    CO2 emissions avoided every year for each electric forklift

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      Offer Documents

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