Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

Candi Solar B.V Issue 8: India - 5.75% Bond

30 months to mature 5.75% interest

candi solar B.V Issue 8: India - 5.75% Bond



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invested 1,398 kWp

Candi will use funds from this raise to install approximately 1,398 kWp capacity of solar panels.

households 2 Businesses

Funds from this raise will provide two businesses with clean and affordable energy.

Solar powering small businesses in India

This investment will fund solar power for small and medium businesses in India, providing clean, affordable and reliable energy to help them thrive.

candi's name comes from commercial and industrial, or c and i, which is the type of solar installations they specialise in. candi BV is a dedicated rooftop solar installer, financier and operator for underserved small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in India and South Africa.

About candi solar B.V

  • Incorporated in July 2020
  • Since commencing operations, they have contracted or commissioned more than 79 MWp of solar installations across 81 sites
  • 41 MWp solar capacity is operational, with 38 MWp in delivery.
  • Key Product Information

    Issuer: Candi solar B.V.

    Issuing Country: Netherlands

    Investment target: £500,000

    Minimum investment: £50

    Maximum investment: No maximum

    Maturity: 30 months

    Expected interest rate: 5.75% per annum

    Withholding tax rate: 0% (applicable to UK residents who do not invest within an IF ISA)

    Interest payment frequency: 6 monthly

    Capital repayment: semi-annually from 12 months onwards*

    Financial instrument: Promissory note / secured interest bearing bond

    Security: Unsecured

    * For the first 12 months after the Issue Date, a "Grace Period" applies during which no capital repayments occur. During this Grace Period, the Issuer will make Interest Payments on the Interest Payment Dates. The first capital repayment will take place 12 months after the Issue Date, and on a semi-annual basis thereafter. Please refer to the amortization schedule in the offer document.

    Key Risks

    This is a bond issued by a single company (rather than a savings product) and therefore it is recommended that you are careful with the amount you invest.

    You must read the offer document (provided below) where a full statement of risks is presented.


    Candi solar in the media

    What the project investment will enable

    With the funds from this raise, candi will finance, procure and install up to 2 tailor made solar infrastructure projects into leases with businesses in India. Each system will have approximately 700 kWp capacity.

    Since its incorporation, candi has built a portfolio of more than 41 MWp and has contracted to deliver a further 38 MWp of installations across South Africa and India. As well as installing these systems for their clients, candi also provides technical advice and operation and maintenance support, providing their clients with a holistic solution to their systems. All the company’s equipment is certified and sourced from tier 1 suppliers across the value chain, including Jinko Solar, Trina Solar and SMA Solar Technology.

    Examples of some of the SMEs who are clients of candi include food manufacturers, media outlets as well as schools and universities. These clients are typically situated in areas with high power tariffs, dense industrial clusters, and where there is an unreliable power grid. Access to client's own electricity supply greatly reduces the risk of black outs and candi's multiple contractual structures means clients can choose based on their own needs and financial position.

    candi solar B.V

    candi offers a fully financed rooftop solar solution to underserved SMEs in India, allowing clients to immediately cut their electricity costs, reduce their reliance on grid and diesel power, and eventually own the system themselves.

    This investment will empower the SMEs through a fully financed rooftop solar solution, cutting their operating costs and allow them to inject the savings back into their operations e.g. to create jobs, finance school books & playground, purchase IT equipment and make refurbishments..

    Social and environmental impact

    The installation of solar plants for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has shown to have both a significant impact on the companies and the environment. To date, candi has delivered 41 MWp in 81 projects across South Africa and India.

    Social Impact

    Social Impact

    The positive impact of addressing this market gap is immense. The social impact that candi has made to-date is:


    tailor made solar infrastructure projects installed and operating

    79,000 kWp

    total installed/commissioned capacity to date

    30,000 kWp

    already operating just in India

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental impact

    The environmental impact of installing the full 1,398 kWp capacity from this raise will be:


    businesses supplied with renewable energy

    858 tonnes

    average reduction of CO2 each year for each business

    42,930 tonnes

    total CO2 emissions avoided over 25 years

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      Offer Documents

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