Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

Sollatek Kenya Issue 52: 5.5% Bond

24 months to mature 5.5% interest

Sollatek Kenya Issue 52: 5.5% Bond



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invested What will your investment provide?

With the money invested in this campaign Sollatek will be able to source and distribute solar systems with a combined power of about 100 kWp.

households How many businesses will benefit?

Sollatek will be able to design and install about 30 solar systems with funds from this raise.

Invest Directly in Solar Energy in East Africa

Small businesses in Kenya need reliable, clean energy to thrive.

Sollatek is 100% Kenyan owned and managed, and has been operational in East Africa for 38 years. They sell clean, solar energy solutions from solar lanterns to grid-tie systems with battery storage.

About Sollatek

  • Sole agent for Sollatek UK products and owner of the Sollatek franchise in East Africa
  • Products are sold through a network of 250 outlets in Kenya
  • Operational since 1985 with head office in Mombasa, Kenya
  • Named one of Kenya’s Top 100 Mid-Size Companies in East Africa by KPMG Kenya (also in 2013, 2015, 2017 & 2019)
  • Key product information

    Issuer: Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) Ltd

    Issuing Country: Kenya

    Investment target: £120,000

    Minimum investment: £50

    Maximum investment: No maximum

    Maturity: 24 months

    Expected interest rate: 5.5% per annum

    Withholding tax rate: 15% (applicable to UK residents who do not invest within an IF ISA)

    Interest payment frequency: Semi-annually

    Capital repayment: Semi-annually

    Financial instrument: Unsecured interest bearing bond

    Security: Unsecured

    Key risks

    This is a bond issued by a single company (rather than a savings product) and therefore it is recommended that you are careful with the amount you invest.

    You must read the offer document (provided below) where a full statement of risks is presented.


    What the project investment will enable

    Sollatek aims to raise £120,000 of investment in this raise which will enable them to design and install about 30 solar systems with a combined capacity of about 100 kWp.

    Sollatek will use the funds to procure inverters and panels to design and build solar systems of between 3 kWp and 16 kWp. Delivered systems will be designed to meet clients needs to include panels, inverters, and remote monitoring equipment and Sollatek batteries where needed. Based on current orders, Sollatek estimate that these funds will deliver 30 systems with a total capacity of 100 kWp, though the exact systems delivered will depend on what clients want.

    Sollatek Electronics Kenya

    Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) Limited (“Sollatek”) started operations in 1985, and is a leading importer and distributor of power control, energy efficiency, and solar solutions in East Africa.

    Products are sold through a region-wide network of resellers, mainly in Kenya as well as Uganda, Tananzia Rwanda, and Burundi; resellers include major regional supermarket chains, electronics and electrical shops, hardware stores and general stores.

    Social and environmental impact

    Solar energy is renewable, tackling climate change and protecting health. Access to electricity is important for economic opportunities and social well-being for households and businesses. (Generation data for Kenya from

    Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Research shows that business profitability in Kenya is impacted by power outages. Sollatek's solar systems can provide clean and reliable electricity.


    new solar systems will be delivered to businesses


    drop in profits is experienced by Kenyan businesses on average from power outages

    460 kWh

    average daily generation in Kenya from 100 kWp

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental impact

    Solar generation provides clean energy and avoids carbon emissions

    168 MWh

    Average annual generation from 100 kWp installed solar in Kenya

    100 kWp

    New generation installed by this raise

    3,500 kWp

    Solar systems installed by Sollatek since 2010

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      Offer Documents

      Sollatek Offer Document Issue 52 July 2023 (Log In to download)


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