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The power in your pockets to help save the planet

Ahead of COP26, how can the power in your pockets fuel net-zero success?

You’ve no doubt heard of it. The COP26 Climate Summit is one of the biggest events of our time. It will bring together Heads of state and ministers from over 200 countries, industry leaders and change-makers to agree on the ambitious and critical actions that the world will need to take to protect our planet by limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Given the visible and catastrophic signs we’ve experienced this year from wildfires and flooding across Europe and the US, to extreme droughts across parts of the Middle East and Africa - yes, it’s a big deal and it’s happening in Glasgow this November.

The media buzz is already building and there are high expectations for decisive action in a year where we’ve been told in no uncertain terms that time is running out for us to tackle the climate crisis. The climate summit and the many talks and events being held around it aim to unite the world to do whatever it takes to protect our planet.

But what’s the climate summit all about and what does it hope to achieve?
According to the world’s top climate scientists, climate change is happening on an unprecedented scale and the 2021 IPCC Report was the most damning ever, warning that human actions have and will continue to cause events such as extreme heat waves, heavy precipitation, droughts and tropical cyclones. However, the report also tells us that there is still time to act, but it must happen immediately. Limiting climate change will depend on strong and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from human activities such as burning fossil fuels.

One of the key goals of COP26 is putting the policies in place that will enable the world as a whole to achieve net-zero. This means cutting our greenhouse gas emissions to a level where global warming will be kept under 1.5 degrees and as a result, we will retain a planet that is liveable for communities and nature.

How does my money come into it?
At COP26 there will be a big focus on mobilising finance for climate action. Climate action to achieve our goals will require significant financial investment and everyone from huge corporations to everyday people must play their part in unleashing trillions in private and public sector finance that’s needed to secure global net-zero. Yes, that’s a mammoth investment and where this amount of money is required there are expected to be some intense negotiations between world leaders at the summit itself as they attempt to agree on investments that are urgently needed to make a real difference.

Yet despite pledges made as part of The Paris Agreement back in 2015 to mobilise $100 billion annually to support climate action goals, the truth is that this agreement has not been met. A recent report by BankTrack: Banking on Climate Chaos 2021: Shared the shocking statistic that the world’s 60 largest banks have poured USD 3.8 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was signed! So it’s clear that the action needed to back up these goals is just not being delivered by the financial institutions. But what can we do?

It’s not just the policymakers that will be debating around the table at COP26 that can make a difference. Everyday people like you and I can too. And it’s clear the desire is there. The UK Government report: Investing in a Better World was published in 2019 and looked into the public appetite for sustainable investing. The results showed that 68% of UK savers want their investments to consider the impact on people and the planet alongside financial performance.

So in the face of institutional and government inaction, now’s the time for people like us to vote with our feet (and pockets) and lead the way in financing climate action!

It’s down to each and every one of us.
That’s right. Aside from the key role of governments and world leaders, surrounding the Climate Summit and all over the media, the focus will also be on individuals and organisations taking matters into their own hands and making changes that will further our net-zero plans.

And at Energise Africa we are playing our part by enabling more people to use their money to support innovative businesses that are bringing clean solar energy to homes across sub- Saharan Africa and beyond as well as introducing new and impactful markets to our community of investors.

Small steps to collective success
Energise Africa investors, to date, have mobilised over £25 million in flexible finance that has enabled 14 pioneering clean energy companies to help 600,000+ people gain access to clean, affordable electricity while mitigating 130,000 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions thanks to the 128,000 solar home systems they have financed. Best of all, it’s not an action that’s restricted to high earners or experienced investors. Our investments start at as little as £50, so it’s a very accessible starting point for anyone who wants to use their money to change the world for the better!
The Energise Africa platform is also innovatively blending finance received from Governments and Foundations alongside these everyday investors, maximising the impact and encouraging further investment.

A vision for a brighter future
And we’re not about to start slowing down, Energise Africa is currently working to raise £100 million in annual investments via the platform by 2023 – that's enough to finance over 2 million solar-home systems every year!
We’re making it our mission to spread the word about the accessible and low-entry opportunities available to invest to create a better world, ensuring that everyone who wants to make a difference can invest in change and through our regular events and media outreach, we’re helping educate a new generation of impact investors.

You can be a part of it
We know that each and every investor forms part of a bigger machine that CAN deliver on our net-zero targets while also positively impacting lives around the globe.
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